• The MERIT Educational Center has been established to provide valuable information regarding our unique, relevant and timely Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ value proposition to prospective partners, alliances, and clients.
  • To succeed in today’s volatile and competitive marketplace it is critical for organizations to establish, build and sustain a Personal Leadership Effectiveness culture that can be supported by several “character-based” integrated human capital solutions.
  • Our proprietary human capital solutions are helping organizations to:
    • Streamline their operational efficiencies by having an integrated strategy for human capital decisions.
    • Mitigate their human capital risks through improved talent acquisition and employee alignment.
    • Reduce their human capital expenses by reducing turnover and improving employee engagement.
    • Empower their human capital assets by maximizing their Personal Leadership Effectiveness.

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Personal Leadership Effectiveness

    • Is built upon the foundation of an individual’s character and behavior DNA!
    • Is critical whether you are the Chairman of the Board, President, CEO, C-Level Leader or valued employee.
    • Is of equal or greater importance than an individual’s education, job skills or work experience.
    • Has a direct impact on an organization’s culture, productivity, overall performance, team efficiency and bottom-line results.

Maximizing Employee Resources… Implementing Transformation

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